25 Years of U.S.-Liechtenstein Diplomatic Relations

Statement by Scott Miller, United States Ambassador to Liechtenstein

Today we celebrate 25 years of formal diplomatic relations between the United States and Liechtenstein.  On March 14, 1997, my predecessor, Ambassador Madeline Kunin, visited Vaduz for the first time in an official capacity to present Prince Hans-Adam II letters of credence from President Bill Clinton, which he graciously accepted, making her the first U.S. Ambassador to Liechtenstein.  In the two and half decades since, the United States and Liechtenstein have built a strong, durable, and productive partnership.  We share a commitment to democratic values, the rule of law, the power of education and innovation, and the need for responsible behavior in the international community.  Our companies trade and invest together, creating jobs and prosperity for working families.  We jointly combat money laundering and other illegal banking activities.  We cooperate to ensure the digital economy is secure and productive.  We passionately fight against modern day slavery and trafficking in persons.  And we are united in condemning Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and steadfast in our support of the brave people of Ukraine.  The United States is grateful to have a friend like Liechtenstein.  I raised a toast today with my Liechtenstein colleague, Ambassador Doris Frick, to commemorate all that our countries have done together and all that we will do together, as friends and partners.