Blockchain, Smart Cities, and Clean Energy: Mark Johnson Visits Switzerland


With support from U.S. Embassy Bern, Mark Johnson visited Switzerland in February 2020, where he spoke at the International Block Chain Forum organized by the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne (HSLU) on the topic of block chain applications in clean energy. Johnson is an expert in using blockchain applications to digitally track the use of clean energy and the extent of carbon emissions. These applications help improve transparency, raise awareness of energy consumption, and contribute to lower energy costs. Johnson works closely with smart cities programs across the country, contributing his significant insight into critical infrastructure for smart cities, as well as energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for cities and states. Following his talk at the HSLU, Johnson met with experts from smart city organizations in the Swiss cities of St. Gallen, Zurich and Bern.

Mark Johnson speaks at the International Blockchain Forum Rotkreuz.

Johnson is the Founder and Chair of Helpanswers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge on clean energy blockchain applications, energy efficiency, and using renewable energy to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. One specific application is a project to charge electric vehicles from solar energy that is tracked and traced through blockchain, ensuring grid independence and resiliency. Mark Johnson’s passion for sharing his knowledge of clean energy applications, and their use worldwide, shined through in his every interaction during his visit to Switzerland.