Contracting Opportunities: Air Conditioning (AC) System Installation

The US Embassy Bern is looking for contractors to install an Air Conditioning (AC) system in a property. The System will be two (2) VRV size estimated to be between 50-70 KW and will cool up to 14 rooms. The contractor will provide all equipment, materials, supplies, and labor to install new AC system that meets Swiss AC regulations and codes that are in place or planned to take effect on or before 2022. The VRF compressor(s) shall have an energy rating level of A or higher. The contract requires the contractor to provide all labor, materials (as specified), and equipment necessary to complete the work, and all workmanship and materials used shall comply with Swiss Building and labor codes. The contractor shall be licensed to perform commercial HVAC work in Bern. Estimated value of this work is between 70-90K CHF. The AC system shall be installed, tested and full functional by July 1, 2021. Interested parties please contact A job walk will be held first week of March 2021. Bids due by March 26 ,2021 at 14:00.