Contracting Opportunities: Diplomatic Pouch Handling Services

The U.S. Embassy Bern is looking for contractors to provide Diplomatic Pouch Handling Services:

The contractor will handle the arrival of all diplomatic pouches for the U.S. Embassy. The contractor will pick up the bags at the air cargo terminal in Bern (BRN). The contractor will process the necessary paperwork for the custom clearance of the shipments. The contractor will check and count the bags and prepare them for delivery. The contractor is responsible for the delivery of the pouch bags to the front door of the Embassy. Delivery will be within three (3) hours after arrival of pouches at the cargo terminal in Bern (BRN). Delivery will normally be one (1) to two (2) times a week. The contractor processes all invoices for incoming pouches.

The contractor will handle outgoing diplomatic pouches after the Embassy has delivered them to the contractor’s facilities in Bern. The contractor will prepare the paperwork for export. No consolidation shipments shall be made. The contractor is responsible for the transportation of the pouches to the air cargo terminal and will hand them off to the air carrier’s representative. Pouches will be shipped to Washington, DC Dulles Airport (IAD Airport) via an American airline carrier. Pouches are normally sent out twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The pouches are brought to the agent at 03:00 PM and have to leave Bern the same day. The contractor will process all invoices for outgoing pouches.

The contractor must inspect all bags carefully upon arrival and inform the Contracting Officer’s Representative immediately if there is a discrepancy between AWB and number of bags or damage on a bag seal or any other discrepancy that is noted. The vehicle license number and the chauffeur’s name delivering the pouch shipment must be announced via a phone call or e-mail to the COR one (1) hour in advance of each delivery.

The contractor will submit the following paperwork to the COR within three (3) days after pouch handling for each incoming and outgoing pouch delivery:


                     Incoming Pouch          Outgoing Pouch
·         Air way bill (AWB) ·         Debit notice
·         Debit notice ·         Air way bill (AWB)
·         Delivery slip


If you are interested in providing Diplomatic Pouch Handling Services for the U.S. Embassy Bern, please contact in order to receive the full solicitation.

Site visit will be held on October 5, 2018 at 10:00 AM.