Contracting Opportunity

The U.S. Embassy Bern may have a requirement for the transportation of specialized equipment in Switzerland, and Zurich Airport staging facility services during the month of January 2019

The vendor shall be provide up to 8 truck and trailer units with operators which are equipped with a rolling system to take 463 L pallets. The truck and trailer units  shall be equipped for driving in snow conditions on the mountain roads to Davos. The vendor shall be approved to operate vehicles at the Zurich Airport and all vehicles shall be approve to drive on the Tarmac at the Zurich Airport.  The vendor shall have the necessary support personal to operate on the weekends and process all necessary permits to drive on Swiss roads in non-normal hours (night time & Sunday).   A U.S. government person shall be required to ride in cab of each truck.  The planned pick up will be Zurich airport and delivery in Davos with a return pick up in Davos returning to Zurich Airport. The vendor shall be required to leave up to 3 trucks in Davos for up to 3 weeks. The vendor will also have a temporary covered staging facility for the break down and assembly of up to (12) twelve 463 L pallets at the Zurich Airport.  The facility shall have a certified scale capable of weight constructed pallets ready for loading on the aircraft and a forklift capable of handling 3.5 ton 463 L pallets.  Estimated Value CHF 35-50,000.  Interested parties should contact  by December 1, 2018.
For contracts above $30,000, the U.S. Government requires that vendors are registered in SAM (  The U.S. Government cannot consider any bids or offers of over $30,000 from vendors that are not registered.  For more information, please ask or visit