Contracting Opportunity: The U.S. Embassy Bern is Looking for a Plumbing Contractor

The U.S. Embassy Bern is looking for a plumbing contractor to replace polybutylene plumbing lines with stainless steel lines in a property. The work will be done in the Chancery. Contractor shall provide all equipment, materials, supplies and labor to replace water lines, plumbing fixtures, wall tile, and water lines in the restroom. The complete work shall meet or exceed Swiss regulations and codes that are in place or planned to take effect on or before 2022. The contract requires the contractor to provide all labor, materials (as specified), and equipment necessary to complete the work, and all workmanship and materials used shall comply with Swiss building and labor codes. Contractor shall be licensed to perform commercial plumbing work in Bern. The work will be done from October 1, to December 31, 2021. Interested parties please contact . A job walk will be held July 27, 2021. Bids due by August 6 ,2021 at 14:00.