Cultural and Education Attaché Meets with ConnectUS Students

What is the secret to business success? How do companies in Switzerland and the U.S. innovate and adapt to change? And how closely do Switzerland and the U.S. work together on economic issues? These are some of the questions that students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland explore during the ConnectUS program.

ConnectUS, a study project, first organized by the university in 2007, consists of two parts: During a preparatory seminar, the students meet with guest speakers and companies in Switzerland to learn how Swiss companies operate in the U.S. For the second part, the students visit a number of cities in the U.S. where they meet with American companies and branches of Swiss firms to gather first-hand insights into U.S. work culture, innovation in the U.S. and the challenges that international companies face.

On Wednesday, February 15, in preparation for their study tour to the U.S., the students met with Cultural and Education Attaché Stephanie Morimura to learn about the Swiss-U.S. relationship and the trade relations between the two countries. Furthermore, Morimura  explained that the U.S. Embassy’s work goes beyond consular duties and includes public, political, and media outreach.