Certificate Courses and Programs

Certificate programs are non-degree programs that consist of a course or a group of courses in a specialized area. The majority of the certificate programs are professionally directed and intended for those who wish to prepare for a particular career, acquire new skills and knowledge or to upgrade their information base in a specific field. The curriculum of each program will include a number of required courses and a number of electives. The programs can be as short as one to two weeks to as long as a full academic year.

Admissions procedures will vary between programs. Some programs may be quite selective in nature and might even require the same procedure as that for degree students, including an entrance exam, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Most universities offer their certificate programs through their Extension School or School of Continuing Education. Some programs are offered during the summer school session or throughout the year through the regular academic program. There are also some courses offered by particular organizations in conjunction with specific educational institutions.

There are numerous web sites that you can use as you start the search process.