Undergraduate Study

This is a basic introduction to the university admissions process.

The process has been broken down into six sections and an additional section of Web Sites for the International Student. There is a recommended time scale referred to in each section but it is possible that some students may be able to complete the process in a much shorter time period.

  • What Qualifications Do You Need?
    For Swiss students
    Do you have the educational qualifications necessary for entry to an institution offering American undergraduate degrees?
  • Choose Your College or University
    12-18 months before enrollment
    Learn about the different degrees available at US universities and also how to narrow down your choice of universities from the bewildering 3,700 in the US. Learn about Community Colleges and why it may be a good choice for Swiss students.
  • The Search for Financial Aid
    13-14 months before enrollment
    Learn about the various types of financial aid available for non-US citizens as well as US citizens who wish to study for their first degree in the US.
  • Standardized Admissions Tests
    12-18 months before enrollment
    Information on the standardized admissions tests that are required by many US universities as part of the undergraduate application process.
  • University Applications
    11-12 months before enrollment
    How and when to submit an application to a US university for any type of undergraduate course.
  • Visas
    Upon receipt of your acceptance and rejection letters
    3-5 months before enrollment
    Some basic information on applying for visas to study in the US.