U.S. Embassy Speakers Program

Jonathan Mitchell at the SonOhr Festival Bern

Through our Speakers Program, the U.S. Embassy in Bern brings U.S. experts from a wide range of fields to Switzerland and Liechtenstein to speak with audiences on U.S. policy and culture.  The experts we invite may be U.S. Government officials, but most are not. The aim of the program is to provide a forum for discussion, explain U.S. policies and, ultimately, promote mutual understanding.

In the past, we have invited speakers to discuss many different topics with a variety of audiences. Topics have ranged from U.S. foreign and economic policy, U.S. history, entrepreneurship in the U.S., and human rights, to arts and literature. Our audiences include the general public, schools, universities, professional associations and businesses, NGOs, government agencies, and the media. The format can range from round tables, workshops, small or larger group presentations to one-to-one meetings. For further information or to make a suggestion, please feel free to write to bernpa@state.gov.

To see more information about some of our current speakers, please visit this page.