U.S. Embassy Bern

U.S. Embassy Bern offers a full range of consular services to U.S. citizens in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  Many of these services are also available at U.S. Consular Agency Zurich and U.S. Consular Agency Geneva.

Please click here if your inquiry is in regards to a social security number or social security benefit.

Services are available by appointment only.

Note:  Emergency passports are only available at U.S. Embassy Bern.


Services are available by appointment only.


Appointments are available via our online appointment system.

The Embassy is closed on U.S. and Swiss holidays.

We encourage our customers to carefully review the detailed information available on our website. If you do have specific questions we ask that you send us an email via our Contact Form.  We respond to email inquiries within two business days.

Contact Form

Mailing Address:
U.S. Embassy Bern
American Citizen Services
P.O. Box 3259
3001 Bern, Switzerland

Sulgeneckstrasse 19
3007 Bern, Switzerland

Payment Options:


To renew a passport book by mail – Can I renew my passport book by mail?

Payment via credit card is preferred at U.S. Embassy Bern.  The card holder must be present for the transaction.

If you do not wish to pay via credit card, please bring exact change in Swiss Francs or U.S. dollars.

Some adult passport renewals (DS-82 only) may be submitted by a friend or family member with a signed letter of authorization (PDF 161 KB) at the Embassy in Bern or one of the Consular Agencies by appointment only.

Payment Options:


Credit Cards
  • Credit Cards we can accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and prepaid credit cards and “Logoed” debit cards, i.e. debit cards displaying the Visa or MasterCard logo
  • In-person only (credit card holder must be present)
  • Charged in U.S. dollars
  • Exchange rates vary and fees may apply; please check with your credit service provider
  • Debit cards not accepted

We cannot accept contactless payment of any kind.

Cash: Local Currency (CHF)
  • In-person only (No Cash in the Mail)
  • Swiss Francs (CHF)
Cash: U.S. Dollars ($)
  • In-person only (No Cash in the Mail)
  • U.S. dollar bills issued after 2006 only
  • No checks of any kind


Please note: We cannot perform any requested service until the correct fee for the full amount is paid.
Thank you for your understanding.

Processing time:


Please note: There is no expedited service outside the United States.

Processing time is approximately 10-14 business days 

Please note: Processing times for all services are approximate.  Times quoted should be used only as a guide.

Please note we cannot perform any requested service until the correct fee for the full amount is paid.

Security Notice:




You may bring only one small (35cm x 30cm x 20cm) bag into the waiting room area.
Multiple/larger bags are not permitted. One (1) mobile phone may be stored with Security.

You are not allowed to enter the U.S. Embassy / Consular Agency with any of the following item:

  • Electronic or battery-operated devices, including mobile phones, digital diaries, digital  watches, pagers, cameras, compact discs, laptops, portable music players and e-Readers
  • Food and liquid items
  • Sealed envelopes or packages
  • Cigarettes, cigars, match boxes, e-cigarettes and lighters
  • Sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail files
  • Weapons or explosive materials of any kind

Please note this list is not exhaustive.  Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of the security staff. There is no facility at the U.S Embassy to store prohibited items. You must make arrangements to store these items before entering.