Illinois Boy Scout Troop Visits U.S. Embassy Bern

Illinois Boy Scout Troop visited U.S. Embassy Bern on July 25, 2017.

On July 25, the Boy Scout troop 347 from Crystal Lake, Illinois visited U.S Embassy Bern to learn how the U.S. is represented abroad and what an embassy does. The Boy Scouts were in Switzerland for 12 days to attend the International Scout Center in Kandersteg. The troop visited the Embassy to gather information needed to receive the “Citizens in the World” merit badge, which is necessary to become an Eagle scout.

During their visit, Chargé d’Affaires Tara Feret Erath, Public Affairs Officer Tanya Ward, and Vice Consul Ben Baughman explained to the boys why governments have representatives abroad, how the embassy fulfills this mission, and what an ambassador does. After their discussion the boys had the opportunity to ask questions about how to become a diplomat, how to manage personal security at high-risk posts, and international versus national law. The visit ended with further conversation over coffee and cookies.

U.S. Embassy Bern staff and the Illinois Boy Scout Troop at the U.S. Residence.

Embassy Bern meets with U.S. citizens to learn about their connection to Switzerland and to highlight U.S. foreign policy goals here. Each visit is an opportunity to emphasize the Swiss-U.S. bilateral relationship and our shared values, economic ties and collaboration.