Mario Ramò Joines an IVLP program on U.S. Trade Policy

Participating in the IVLP was one of the most amazing and valuable experiences – both personally but also with regards to my professional career.

Getting this unique opportunity of a deep dive into the U.S. view on international trade policy, having exchanges with government officials, think tanks, business federations, but also everyday people from many different parts of the country was inspiring, intellectually nourishing, and heart-warming.

And at the same time, we were together with a group of 20 like-minded people from 20 different countries – as a result, I have made many dear friends from across the world.

It is precisely the DNA of the IVLP that I think, today, is as important as it was 80 years ago: openness, international collaboration, and a strong conviction that by better understanding each other’s viewpoints in culture, business, and politics, we can create better solutions – together