President Donald Trump to attend the 2018 World Economic Forum

January 10, 2018, Bern – We are pleased to confirm that President Donald Trump will be attending this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.   The President welcomes the opportunity to advance his administration’s agenda with world leaders.  The Embassy is looking forward to supporting the President at this year’s WEF, where he will be promoting his policies to strengthen American businesses, industries, and workers.

In addition to the President, a number of senior members of the Cabinet and administration will be travelling to WEF.  We are working with the White House to finalize the details.  The duration of the President’s stay in Davos, potential bilateral meetings, and details on the U.S. delegation are currently being clarified.

As the President made clear in his National Security Strategy, America first does not mean America alone; we value our friends, allies, and partners.  This is a great honor and opportunity, and Ambassador McMullen looks forward to highlighting the strong economic, political, and cultural ties between our two countries.