Security Alert: Security Alert: Ongoing Security Threat in Baden, Aargau

Subject:          Security Alert: Ongoing Security Threat in Baden, Aargau

Location:        Downtown Baden, Aargau

Event:             The U.S. Embassy in Bern informs U.S. citizens of a bomb threat in the downtown area of Baden.  U.S. citizens in the area should avoid the area and follow guidance from local authorities.

According to news reports the downtown area of Baden has been cordoned off after a bomb threat at the Manor department store at the Schlossbergplatz. The search for an explosive device is ongoing.

Actions to Take:

  • Avoid the area(s) of the incident
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities at all times
  • Monitor local media for information about specific (English) (German, French, Italian) (German)

    Contact concerned family members in the U.S. to advise them of your safety


The most accurate real-time information on security matters is available from Swiss authorities, who have responsibility for the safety and security of all persons in Switzerland.