Statement by Ambassador Miller at the Ukraine Recovery Conference

Dear Partners, Allies, and friends,

As President Biden has made clear, the United States stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine – and we will continue to do so. We condemn Russia for its unprovoked, unjustified war against Ukraine and call on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory without delay.

The United States is the largest single-country donor to Ukraine. Since Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine in February, we have provided $10 billion in economic, humanitarian, and security assistance to help Ukraine fight Putin’s aggression, support government functions, meet the needs of Ukrainian civilians, and protect critical infrastructure.

This funding comes from the first supplemental appropriation that the United States Congress passed and President Biden signed into law, and more is on the way. These actions provide tens of billions of dollars in assistance – the most the United States has allocated for Europe since the Marshall Plan. This is a recognition of the historic nature of our engagement and the challenge that lies before all of us.

While we recognize the importance of preparing for Ukraine’s future, all of us must also deliver on our commitments to help Ukraine meet its immediate and urgent needs. We have already provided $2.3 billion in direct budget support. We are working closely with Congress, the Government of Ukraine, and the World Bank to deliver an additional $6.2 billion in the coming months.

But U.S. assistance extends beyond our direct support of Ukraine. We are also helping allies and partners in central and eastern Europe to bolster their security, counter Russia’s malign activities and disinformation, and deliver humanitarian and economic assistance in the region.

Our assistance to date has been focused on urgent needs during a time of war. As the situation on the ground develops, we will transition to helping Ukraine create the conditions necessary for its recovery.

The United States is committed to working with our Allies and international financial institutions to support a Ukraine-led reconstruction process that rebuilds its critical infrastructure and agricultural production and helps displaced Ukrainians return to their communities. The reconstruction process should reflect the principles and values that will enable Ukraine to achieve its full potential, including its European aspirations and climate ambitions.

In gathering for this fifth iteration of the Ukraine Conference, we must remain focused on reform, recovery, and renewal. Together, we stand with Ukraine in achieving these objectives.