VET Panel at the AmSwiss Foundation – Suzi LeVine

Since the dawn of our democracy, the American Dream has been about opportunity and the fact that anyone from anywhere in society can pursue and achieve a life where they are safe to live, love, and be happy. What I love about this is that we’ve also exported this as a global dream! But in ... Read More»

Achieving the American Dream One Apprenticeship at a Time

On Tuesday, November 15th, Ambassador Suzan LeVine delivered a speech at Akademie der Generationen, a forum for learning based in Solothurn.  More than 150 participants from businesses, government, education and even students from a local high school came to hear her address: “Switzerland and the U.S: Learning Together.”  Ambassador LeVine highlighted the strong and enduring ... Read More»

Diversity in Religious Communities: Remarks at the Interreligious Women’s Parliament

Dear Heidi, dear spiritual leaders, dear fellow people who care about making the world a better place — ladies and a few gentlemen — thank you so much for inviting us here today to the House of Religions for this Women’s Interreligious Congress! It is such an honor to be here among you! First, I ... Read More»

What Tradition Means to Americans: Remarks at the Gala Dinner of Swiss Cubs Worldwide

I was asked to speak this evening briefly about what tradition means to Americans. When I hear that word “Tradition,” I’m reminded of the musical, Fiddler on the Roof – have you seen it? As an American Jewish woman descended from eastern European Jews, it had a special meaning for me growing up. The musical ... Read More»

EPFL’s “Internet for Girls” Course Completion Remarks

Bonjour! Thank you, Dr. Moser (Farnaz) and Professor Vetterli. It is such an honor for us to be here with you today! I’d like to introduce you all, also, to my husband, Eric. As a woman leader, I want to make sure you all meet the person who supports what I do. He is a ... Read More»

Remarks at the MIT Energy Initiative and ETH Zurich, Energy Science Center Joint Symposium

Professor Guzzella, Professor Zuber, esteemed members of academia and members of the business community, I couldn’t be more grateful for today’s invitation and the opportunity to address you here, and to learn from you as our two nations work together to address one of the greatest challenges in human history: climate change. As many of ... Read More»

Webster University Geneva Commencement Address

Inflection Point Thank you so much to Academic Director Dr. Ron Daniel, the Board of Directors, and, of course, Webster Geneva’s director Dr. Clementina Acedo for the invitation and honor to be here with you here today! To the 137 new graduates and your family and friends who are here today – congratulations! Scholars, Graduates, ... Read More»

Ambassador LeVine Speaks at the MassChallenge 2016 in Geneva

On Wednesday, February 10, MassChallenge launched the opening of its start-up accelerator program in Geneva, Switzerland. Speaking to the crowd of more than 350 entrepreneurs and hopefuls, Ambassador LeVine described the fundamental elements to cultivating a rich culture of innovation: remove the stigma from failure because it is an important aspect of learning. Not only ... Read More»

Independence Day Remarks 2015

Excellencies, Ambassador Guex, Ambassador Frick, Ambassador Hamamoto and Ambassador Wood from the United States Mission Geneva; Damen und Herren, Grüssich Mittenand, Welcome! It is such a pleasure to look out and see all of you here and to have you celebrate the birthday of the United States of America with us! Before I go into ... Read More»

Remarks at the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce General Meeting

Members of the Chamber, Excellencies, Friends, Colleagues – thank you once again for the opportunity to spend this evening with all of you. Before I begin my brief remarks here, let me give a special thank you to Martin Naville and his exceptional management team at the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce – within this country, there ... Read More»

Remarks at the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Commencement Ceremony

Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Commencement Address: As Leaders – 10 Ideas for Your Business Repertoire Thank you so much to the University of Rochester and the University of Bern for the invitation to be here with you all on such a special and important occasion! It’s especially meaningful for me to be here at the graduation ... Read More»

The Swiss Economic Forum Welcomes Ambassador LeVine at a Speaking Event

The Swiss Economic Forum welcomed Ambassador LeVine at a speaking event on the Swiss dual-track Vocational Education and Training (VET) program.  Ambassador LeVine was joined by Swiss government officials, private industry and from Swiss universities.   The panelists stressed the fact that in Switzerland apprenticeships are valued as a great alternative to a college education with ... Read More»

Ambassador LeVine: Foreign Policy is Economic Policy

(Following introduction) Thank you so much…. It is a real honor to join you here this afternoon. Before we begin, I want to quickly recognize and welcome my counterpart from the Swiss Embassy, Ambassador Martin Dahinden, as well as my friends and colleagues from the United States Department of Commerce – Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews ... Read More»

Remarks at the Opening of the Mosque in the House of Religions by Ambassador Suzan G. LeVine

Thank you for including me in this opening of the mosque at this unique and wonderful institution, the House of Religions. Though we have many different backgrounds represented here today, I believe the fact we are all sharing this room is testament to the peace and solidarity we are all working toward. This is an ... Read More»

“Hope and Spirit” – Remarks by Ambassador Suzan G. LeVine on the Occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Thank you so much, Esther, for that introduction and for the opportunity to be here with you today!  Please allow me to acknowledge a couple of people in the room before I begin: Former Federal Councillor, Elisabeth Kopp, and Norman H. Gershman, Photographer and initiator/founder of the Besa-Project – thank you so much for all ... Read More»

Ambassador LeVine Remarks: Independence Day, 2014

Guten Abend, bon soir, buonasera! Now that I have delivered my credentials to Prince Alois of Liechtenstein last week and President Burkhalter here two days ago, I can welcome you to the Residence in my official capacity as the US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  I especially welcome Ambassador Guex and Ambassador Frick. Before anything, ... Read More»
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