Two U.S. Expert Speakers at 4th International Block Chain Forum

U.S. Embassy Bern is proud to support the virtual 4th International Block Chain forum on February 4th organized by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, including two U.S. expert speakers.  This year’s edition will focus on Block Chain applications in the healthcare sector and will cover current topics such as data protection of health records, infection contact tracing, and the secure transmission of health data.  A range of speakers from academia and business will present at the event where members of government, healthcare, and business communities meet and exchange best practices and problem solutions, network, and create opportunities for future collaboration.  For more information on the agenda and speakers visit Register for the event here:

Speaker Professor Lucila Ohno Machado, is chair of the Biomedical Informatics Department of UC San Diego, and an expert in the application of block chain solutions in the healthcare sector.  Professor Ohno Machado will share her insight into applications of block chain technology to increase public trust in research, quality control improvements, and the healthcare sector in general. View Professor Lucila Ohno Machado’s CV here.


Speaker Amber Hartley, is the Chief Strategy Officer of BurstIQ.  BurstIQ combines the power of blockchain, big data, and machine intelligence to create a platform for the new person-centric health economy.  Ms. Hartley is an experienced strategy and innovation professional with a deep knowledge of the complex interaction between technology and healthcare informed by almost 20 years of experience working in the industries.  Learn more about BurstIQ, here.