Swiss-American Organizations

American Women’s Club of Basel
P.O. Box 2161, 4002 Basel
Tel.: 061 261 40 55
Year founded: 1947
Members: 220
Purpose:  Further social relationship among members; promote friendly relations with the host Country; Contribute financial aid primarily to local Swiss philanthropic organizations

American Women’s Club of Berne
P.O. Box
3000 Berne
Year founded: 1949
Members: 165
Purpose:  Social and charitable

English Speaking Playgroup Association

English Speaking Playgroup/School
Weissenbühlweg 26
3007 Bern
Tel.: 031 332 92 92
Year founded: 1985
Members: 200 Families
Purpose: A non-profit organization run by a committee of parents and teachers for children 0-18 years of age; the aim and purpose of the ESP is to provide a happy, stimulating and positive learning environment to develop children’s English language skills. The classes are compatible with the Swiss school schedule.

International Club of Bern
3000 Bern
Tel.: 031 922 02 62
Tel. (Membership): 031 921 29 76
Year founded: 1991
Members: 170
Purpose: Social and cultural activities

Swiss-American Society Bern
Laubeggstrasse 14
3013 Bern
Contact: Ms. Silvya Handy
Year founded: 1948
Members: 200
Purpose: Promotion of Swiss-American relations

American Citizens Abroad
ACA, Inc. is a worldwide organization, now based in Washington DC, serving American Citizens worldwide.

American Citizens Abroad, Inc.
11140 Rockville Pike
Suite 100-162
Rockville, MD 20852  USA


Georgetown University Alumni Club of Switzerland
Year founded: 2007
Members: 100
Purpose: To foster contacts among Georgetown alumni in Switzerland, to promote alumni interests in the academic and extracurricular activities of Georgetown, and to promote and encourage communication between Georgetown and its alumni residing in Switzerland.

The American International Club of Geneva
Hotel Intercontinental
Case Postale 371, 1211 Geneva 19
Tel.: 022 910 25 80
Fax: 022 733 62 52
Year founded: 1951
Members: 1300
Purpose: Social

The American International Women’s Club of Geneva
11, Route de Chêne
1207 Geneva
Tel.: 022 736 01 20
Fax: 022 735 03 32
Year founded: 1958
Members: 900
Purpose: Community service, social and cultural activities

Democrats Abroad Switzerland (DACH)
12 rue de la Coulouvrenière
1204 Geneva
Tel.: 022 321 16 20

Republicans Abroad Switzerland
4, Avenue Krieg
P.O. Box 510
1211 Geneva 17
Tel.: 022 840 50 00
Fax: 022 840 50 55

The American International Women’s Club of Lausanne
6, avenue Eglantine, 1006 Lausanne
Tel.: 021 320 26 88
Fax: 021 320 26 88
Year founded: 1968
Members: 500
Purpose: Social, cultural and philanthropic activities

Swiss-American Society Lucerne
Postfach 4305
6002 Luzern
Year founded: 1962
Members: 130
Purpose: To promote social, economic and cultural relations between the USA and Switzerland.

Neuchatel International Club
Year founded: 1988
Members: 130
Purpose: Support for English-speaking families in the canton, together with organization of social and cultural events.

American Women of Ticino AWOT
Casa Mimosa, 6914 Carona
Tel.: 091 649 66 13
Fax: 091 649 66 13
Year founded: 1991
Members: 80
Purpose: Information on rights and responsibilities for Americans living abroad.  Informal monthly meetings, topics such as citizenship, taxes, representation, education, legal rights of foreigners, usually featuring a guest speaker.  Main function: support group.


American Women’s Club in Liechtenstein

Tel: 0041 78 610 01 54

Year founded: 1994

Members: 20

Purpose: To bring together American women living in Liechtenstein and on the nearby borders of Switzerland and Austria, to further their companionship and mutual interests, and to give them a better understanding of Liechtenstein and the surrounding countries.

FAWCO Representative
Year founded: 1994
Members: 30
Purpose: To bring together American women living in Liechtenstein and the surrounding areas, to further their companionship and mutual interests.

American Women’s Club of Zurich (AWCZ)
Höschgasse 38
8008 Zurich
Tel.: 044 240 44 55
Year founded: 1931
Members: 530
Purpose:  ‘International friendships with an American flair! ‘ Founded in 1931, the American Women’s Club of Zurich welcomes US and North American citizens and women of all nationalities who appreciate the American way of life. Our activities and interest groups give our members many opportunities for friendship and personal development. Our philanthropic and community service projects benefit the greater Zurich area, Switzerland and the larger global community.

The AWCZ Clubhouse and English language Library for adults and children is located in the trendy Seefeld neighborhood close to museums, cinema, the Opera, restaurants, boutiques and the Lake of Zurich.  It is easily accessible by public transportation (Trams 2 & 4). There are parking garages and some street parking available.

American International Club of Zurich
8000 Zurich
Year founded: 1963
Members: 115
Purpose:  The American International Club of Zurich was founded in 1957 and provides a non-political, international networking forum for members of all nationalities. The AICZ has no political affiliations or objectives, and is not a profit-making organization.

Cornell Club of Switzerland
c/o Dr. Christophe Zimmerli
Glärnischstrasse 15
CH-8803 Rüschlikon
Year Founded: 1986
Members: 160
Locations: Three regional chapters in Zurich (headquarters), Basel and Geneva
Purpose: To promote the relationship between its members and Cornell
University, to promote Cornell University in Switzerland and to foster
mutual acquaintances between its members

Harvard Club of Switzerland
Bellevue Holding AG
Seestrasse 16, 8700 Kuesnacht
Year Founded: 1960
Members: 750
Purpose: To bind the Harvard University alumni in Switzerland and promote their interests, in the academic and extracurricular activities of Harvard, to promote and encourage communication between Harvard University and its alumni residing in Switzerland.

Swiss-American Society – Zurich
(Founded in 1920 as SFUSA – Swiss Friends of the USA)
c/o Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
Talacker 41, 8001 Zurich
Tel.: +41 43 443 72 08
Year founded: 1920
Members: 250
Purpose:  To maintain and promote friendly cultural and economic relations between Switzerland and the United States of America. Extending and enhancing the understanding of the USA in Switzerland.

Monthly luncheons with speakers from the worlds of business, education and politics, evening cultural events, and scholarship contributions for studying and graduating in the USA.

Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
Talacker 41
8001 Zurich
Tel.: 043 443 72 00
Year founded: 1967
Members: 1700
Major Purpose: To further, stimulate and facilitate commerce between the United States and Switzerland and to represent the interests of its members in the matters of trade and industry between and in the two countries.

Swiss-American Society for Cultural Relations
P.O. Box 769
8024 Zurich
Tel.: 044 266 20 66
Fax: 044 266 20 70
Year founded: 1940
Members: 170
Purpose: Lectures, special events, promotion of Swiss-American relations.