Official/Diplomatic Passport

Official/diplomatic (no-fee) passports are issued to officials or employees of the U.S. Government (and their dependents) traveling abroad on official duties.  Official/diplomatic passports are issued by the Special Issuance Agency (SIA) in Washington, D.C. and valid for five years.

Important: It is crucial that you follow the instructions on the next page exactly as instructed. 


Please Note: Because official/diplomatic passports are all issued by the SIA Office in Washington. U.S. Embassy Bern will forward the applications.  The processing time from the day your materials are sent off to Washington until the time your passport is received at the Embassy in Bern is approximately THREE MONTHS. It can take longer during the busy spring and summer transfer seasons.  It is crucial that you apply as early as possible. We will notify you once your official/diplomatic passport can be collected.