Required Documents

You are required to furnish the following:

  •  Form DS-5504 (online) – Complete the form and sign it. Please DO NOT mail the form to the United States.
  • Your current passport U.S. passport;
  • If you have changed your name since your previous U.S. passport was issued, you will be required to furnish evidence of your name change, such as marriage certificate, Change of Name Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration and court order;
  • If your current passport needs correction you will be required to furnish evidence, such as previous issued passports, birth certificate or consular report of birth abroad;
  • Photocopy of Parents Passport, if a parent is signing on behalf of a minor child
  • Please bring one photocopy of each original document listed above;
  • One U.S. passport sized (2x2inch) photograph;
  • Self-addressed stamped C5 Size return envelope with the correct Swiss postage:
    • CHF 5.- Swiss Franc Stamps for residents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
    • CHF 19.- Swiss Franc Stamps for residents in France or Germany

Please Note:
Swiss Stamps need to be purchased at the Swiss Post Office. The Consular Section cannot provide you with Stamps or accept payment for delivery.

Incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will be returned unprocessed