U.S. Embassy Bern – Liechtenstein National Day Message from Chargé d’Affaires Eva Weigold Schultz

Hello – I’m Eva Weigold Schultz, Chargé d’Affaires at the United States Embassy in Bern.

This August 15th, I wish the Princely Family and everyone in the Principality of Liechtenstein a very happy National Day!

Today, you celebrate with family and friends everything Liechtenstein has accomplished. Yours is truly a remarkable and unique success story.

With great vision for the future, Liechtenstein has become one of the most advanced, high-tech, and industrialized nations in Europe. You achieved this success with talent and entrepreneurial drive, national pride, and a strong sense of community.

It is my great privilege to represent the United States in Liechtenstein, and to celebrate the lasting friendship between our countries.

I have had the opportunity to meet many of your business leaders, who have fostered deep trade and investment ties with the United States, and eager to grow our shared prosperity even further.

I see great opportunity to work with your academics, researchers, and innovators to expand the frontiers of science, technology, blockchain, and finance.

And I am grateful for your government’s commitment to working through international diplomacy to advance global human rights, democracy, and rule of law.

I look forward to returning to Liechtenstein very soon to continue these conversations, to see the many artistic and historical treasures preserved in your museums, to enjoy your beautiful countryside, and to express my appreciation for your partnership with us.

On behalf of everyone at the U.S. Embassy in Bern – Congratulations, and ich wünsche ihnen einen sehr schönen Feiertag!