Virtual Discussion: Developing Trends in the U.S. and Swiss Media Industries

Join Philip Napoli, Professor of Public Policy at Duke University, on October 1 between 16:00H and 17:00H for a virtual discussion about developing trends in the U.S. and Swiss media industries. To join, please contact to register and to obtain an access link.

Professor Napoli will discuss the contrast between dominant digital platforms and the emergence of new hyperlocal partisan news sources and how they each impact the media landscape. Specific to Switzerland, Professor Napoli will touch on the challenges of growing media concentration and the increasing risk posed by disinformation.  The event is hosted by FOEG – Research Center for the Public Sphere and Society, Department of Communication and Media Research of the University of Zurich – and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Bern. FOEG will add their unique knowledge of the Swiss media landscape in the era of digital platforms and how the COVID-19 crisis has influenced the Swiss media ecosystem.