Voting in U.S. Elections From Abroad

Do you live in Switzerland and want to vote in the 2022 mid-term elections? Now is the time to register and request your ballot! If you live overseas, registering to vote via absentee ballot is quick and easy. Go to to request your ballot. You can also view all upcoming election dates here.


The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) is the official U.S. government website for overseas voters. It provides information on registering absentee for U.S. elections, as well as details of upcoming elections, registration dates, and deadlines. The Department of State also maintains comprehensive information for U.S. citizens abroad who wish to vote in U.S. elections, which is available on their website here.

To vote from abroad, you have to register to vote with local election officials in your state of legal (voting) residence, AND every year you have to request to receive absentee ballots. You can begin the registration process at

If you’d like more information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program or need help with the absentee voting process, please visit for live chat assistance, call FVAP at 1-800-438-VOTE or the Defense Switched Network (DSN) at (425) 1584 (CONUS)/(312) 425-1584 (OCONUS), or email Service members can also contact your unit or installation voting assistance officers. Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook at @DoDFVAP and follow @FVAP on Twitter.


U.S. Embassies and Consulates are not polling stations. You cannot arrive on election day to cast your vote. We are here to answer your questions about voting from abroad, and assist with forwarding your voting materials to your local electoral office in the United States.

If you have registered to vote but have not received your ballot at least 30 days before the election, or you haven’t registered but would still like to vote, please refer to your State-specific instructions and complete a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) if appropriate.