YOU can set your own definition of “Success”!

This post is part of an archived series of blogs called The LeVine Line, written by former Ambassador Suzan G. LeVine during her time at U.S. Embassy Bern.

11 September 2014

Last week – on Sept 4th – I had the extreme honor of closing out the Tages-Anzeiger Women’s Forum. This was a daylong event with extraordinary people talking about everything from Swiss political and business policies towards families to astrophysics. Based on my personal experience, I spoke about self-defining success. Basically – rejecting the notion that there’s a pre-set definition of “success” and, instead, empowering you and everyone else to define it yourself. Here’s the annotated presentation. While it’s not verbatim what I shared (I don’t think it was recorded and I don’t always use a speech/script), it’s close enough to give you the gist. Enjoy!